Ovarian cancer research is drastically underfunded.


The OVERRUN Ovarian Cancer Foundation's  support at The University of Kansas Cancer Center enables young researchers to think outside the box and try innovative research that may not typically be federally funded.

Over the past 7 years, OVERRUN funding has supported the following:

  • Ovarian cancer research in the Godwin lab at KU Cancer Center
  • Advanced potential therapies for ovarian cancer
  • Research on overcoming chemotherapy resistance
  • New mechanisms of disease spread in ovarian cancer
  • Identification of several repurposed drugs and novel compounds. 


2019 OVERRUN Research Grant recipient Ben Gibbs


At a time when federal funding for cancer research is at an all time low, in which over 90% of all cancer related grants submitted to the National Cancer Institute are not funded, your philanthropic efforts are absolutely essential.  Furthermore, the funding for ovarian cancer drags well behind other diseases, such as breast cancer, in which there are more advocates with a bigger voice nationally.  Speaking for our ovarian cancer research program and cancer center, we deeply appreciate your help to continue to raise public awareness of this diverse disease and your support for research aimed at providing new treatment options for women with ovarian cancer.”

~ Andy K. Godwin, PhD

Deputy Director, The University of Kansas Cancer Center

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